Tradebe Inutec’s Winfrith site is unique in terms of both its technology, facilities and its radioactive discharge authorisations. Situated on a Nuclear Licenced Site, our current capabilities include:

  • A low level waste cementation plant
  • Cement laboratories and cemented waste archive store
  • Alpha processing laboratories/facility
  • Mobile wet waste drying plant
  • Mobile organic destruction plant
  • Transport container testing facilities
  • Tritium and carbon 14 decontamination facilities
  • Development laboratories
  • Radiochemical analysis laboratories including ILW capability
  • Tall rig bay facilities
  • Full-scale impact testing facilities
  • A highly qualified and motivated workforce, including nationally recognised experts
  • © 2017 B44 Winfrith, Dorchester, Dorset, DT2 8WQ, England.
  • T: +44 1305 202 587 E: info@inutec.co.uk